IAPP stands for Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways.

The aim of the Industry-Academia Partnerships & Pathways Action is to enhance industry-academia cooperation in terms of knowledge sharing, research training and career development. Participants from the commercial and non-commercial sectors propose a joint research program which focuses on transfer of knowledge between the two sectors, with the key goal of overcoming any existing intersectorial issues. The transfer of knowledge is achieved by transfer of people, with the participants’ existing staff members (student, researchers, technical staff, research managers,…) and by recruiting new researchers.

The INNOVA project is built on a new concept of collaborative research, where the interaction among partners is achieved mainly by personnel secondments from academia to industry and vice versa. The collaboration among researchers with different expertise, advanced skills and know-how from the academic and the industrial partners will create the critical mass in the sector of biopesticides.


The planned four-year cooperation funded by the EU will lay down the foundation for a long-term collaboration, to consolidate a platform for the development of new bio-based protection products. This platform will possibly be enlarged to other SMEs and industries after the end of the INNOVA project will provide a strong and continuous support in the development of bio-based products. In the future, it could also further develop to cover other sectors related to agriculture and food safety, for example including bio-fertilizers and food bio-additives development.

INNOVA project

Innovative bio-based pesticides to minimize chemical residue risk on food

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