The main specific objectives of the INNOVA project are:

To identify innovative biopesticides to help growers reduce the use of chemical pesticides and to select the potential biopesticides according to their intrinsic technological qualities;


To identify the suitable formulations of the innovative biopesticides, in term of
shelf life and efficacy against pests and diseases and to scale up the production;


To deepen the research on some specific aspects requested
for the registration on the new biopesticides;


To identify the best application strategies in IPM and suitable market strategies.


The INNOVA project focuses on the development of those biopesticides

that can be integrated in some specific stages on the plant growing cycle

by exploiting their specific mode of action

The focus will,  for example, be on products with a very good toxicological profile to be used before or during harvest time or to reduce the pathogen inoculum in order to minimize the pest/disease pressure. The selected products will include natural substances, bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi acting by inducing plant resistance, antibiosis, hyperparasitism or by competition for space and nutrients and safe molecules from natural and plant origin with antimicrobial, insecticidal and/or repellent/antifeedant activity.

INNOVA project

Innovative bio-based pesticides to minimize chemical residue risk on food

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