State of art

Chemical pesticides have significantly contributed to increase productivity and quality of food worldwide.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs have become the major strategies in modern crop protection since many years in Europe. However, they are mostly based on empirical approaches addressing the exploitation of short term solutions to reduce pesticide residues on food.

There is a strong need for innovative products from natural origin, harmless for humans and the environment, renewable and with a fast biodegradation on the crops in order to minimize residues on food.

One of the main bottlenecks in developing these products is represented by the poor overlapping and integration between public research institutes and private companies, the first mainly focusing on the production of fundamental scientific knowledge, the latter specialized in the production, formulation and selling of products.


Biological plant protection products are based on biocontrol micro-organisms, plant extracts, natural compounds.


Biopesticides are renewable, fast degradable and sustainable


Biopesticides are harmless for the consumers and the environment



The main aim of the INNOVA Project is to reach a better integration

between public research and private sector by a close collaboration

through exchange of personnel among project Partners.

The project will focus on the identification of innovative biopesticides to help growers produce pesticide residues-free food focusing on the most critical crops and growing stages and to select the potential biopesticides according to their intrinsic technological qualities; the development of suitable formulations of the innovative biopesticides; the deepening of the research on some specific aspects requested for the registration and the identification of the best application strategies in IPM and the suitable market strategies.

Registered commercial biopesticides are foreseen as final result.

INNOVA project

Innovative bio-based pesticides to minimize chemical residue risk on food

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