Work packages

INNOVA is divided in six work packages (WPs)

  • Innovative biopesticides to produce pesticide residues-free food

    The general aim is the identification of innovative biopesticides in order to help growers to obtain pesticide residues-free products. This result will be achieved by focusing on the most critical crops and growing stages in terms of risk of residues on food and by selecting the potential biopesticides according to their intrinsic technological quality. The classification of the innovative biopesticides is done in term of potential efficacy against the selected pests/diseases based on the existing knowledge on mechanism of action, genetics and behavior in the environment, feasibility of production, efficacy and cost. Another very important point for the study of innovative control tools is the integration with the existing pest management.

  • Formulation of innovative bio-products and scale-up production

    The objectives of this part are the identification of the suitable formulations and dosages of innovative biopesticides, in term of shelf life, efficacy and of the scaling-up production of prototypes. The formulation, according to the nature of the biopesticide and to its use, is crucial to ensure persistence/survival, UV protection, desiccation, temperature degradation, rainfastness, etc. Activators and carriers are also important for microbial biopesticides in order to increase their persistency in soil, pruning wounds and leaves.

  • Specific aspects required for the registration of the new biological plant protection products

    The knowledge on some specific aspects is crucial for the registration of the new plant protection product. The project is focusing on the mechanisms of action of the selected biopesticides and the evaluation on their influence on the environment. The deep understanding of all these aspects will exclude any risk for the health of humans or for non-target organisms.

  • Best application strategies in IPM and the suitable market strategies

    The right positioning of a biological plant protection product in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy is extremely important. This point will be achieved by setting a reasonable number of field trials against the target pests/pathogens with various situations (crop/stage), where the biopesticides will be integrated with conventional products. The trials are repeated in more than one location or for more than one year in order to cope with seasonal variability. EPPO standards and protocols are followed.

  • Training and dissemination

    One of the tasks of the INNOVA project is the training of the people involved and in particular the organization of seminars on mechanisms of action of existing bio-pesticides and new technologies, market strategies, registration of biopesticides, main crops systems and requirements, formulation, etc. The results will be disseminated in technical and scientific publications and at scientific events. Additionally, “open field days” in the scientific structures (of FEM, BCP and Bi-PA) will be organized and both experts and general public (consumers, students,…) will be invited to visit the experimental trials.

  • Scientific and administrative management

    The purpose of this WP is the coordination of project execution, management of scientific activities, organization of the project meetings, monitoring of the achievements to control the scientific quality of the results with regard to the EC contract.


INNOVA project

Innovative bio-based pesticides to minimize chemical residue risk on food

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